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Life as a new mom- balancing baby, crafting, and baking!


New life!

Ive been MIA I KNOW! Of course I have been busy being a mommy, busy keeping up with my crazy 10month old cutie. But I have also been busy, with my husband, getting back into shape! We just completed Advocare’s 24 day challenge a couple of weeks ago. We were blown away by the results and I wanted to share them with you. Leo and I knew we were in the hands of an incredible company from the start so we decided to join the business. We’ve been earning a side income and are so blessed by this. I will be able to continue staying home with Jaxon long-term because of this “side” income. By next year, it will be our main income. WOW!  

I lost 9lbs 8.25″ and Leo lost 16lbs 10.25″ 

So here are our before and after pictures!

Ive been drinking the mental focus energy drink, SPARK, on a daily basis. I can’t believe nobody introduced this to me earlier in my life. I have always been a slug, and this just helps me keep up with life and Jaxon.

Always happy to help my friends get great results! Ill leave my contact info below for you all.

Makaila Borrell


I guess I forgot to mention that I bought a sewing machine about 2 months ago. I’ve always loved crafting and have alway wanted to learn to sew, but I thought that was wayyy out of my range of potential. I got tired of seeing all of my friends make these adorable things and you can only complete so many diy projects on Pinterest without a machine, so I sucked it up and bought one. I have been loving sewing. I wish I had more time, but I am getting to a point that I can sew at least 3x a week without too many interruptions. Jaxon’s nap times are usually the best time to complete a project. Here are some of my creations thus far. I plan to sell these on etsy and have set up 1 listing so far. I don’t want to pay for a bunch of listings if things are not going to move. Let me know if you are interested in anything you see 😀 



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Family Pictures- Jaxon 6 months

Jaxon Turned 6 months and it was definitely time to get some photos done. We had planned for Saturday, but it ended up raining and Catherine was sweet enough to spend Easter morning with us, so happy we waited for the sun. I had planned to just get pictures of him, but he didn’t cooperate much that day. Teething and cranky, but we got some great family pictures 🙂 Credit to Oyanagi Photography-Seattle